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Many considerations go into the design of a new home. How will the house sit on the lot? Where will the front entrance, the garage, mudroom, patio, deck, pool, be located?   What roofing, siding, flooring will be used. How many bedrooms and baths?

What will it look like, how will the plan complement our lifestyle?

I listen to all family members who have an interest in the project and work out a plan that takes everyone into consideration.

  1. New homes present a unique opportunity to work with a client to address not only their needs, but their dreams. Meeting not only my client’s concrete goals, but also their imagination of what their “home” should feel like, is what I aim for.
  2. I do not see working with site and zoning constraints, but challenges to be conquered on the way to giving my client the home they want.
  3. I bring experience into play and make sure my clients consider many options they might not have thought about themselves. Resale, changing use of space as children grow, changing use of space as clients age themselves, possible future additions as financing may become available.

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